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Here's a photo of my 92 STS.  The car is Polo Green exterior, Neutral Leather interior.The 92 has the Caddy 4.9L V8 Engine, making (stock) 200hp at 4100 rpm, and 275 ft-lbs of torque at 3000 rpm, hauling 3721 lbs.The 92 STS had a stiffer sport suspension than later models, which were softened up to suit their market.  Car & Driver tests measured a skidpad of 0.80 G's for the 92.

  92 STS  Bruce  

Well-loved 1992 STS  125K miles, Polo Green/Neutral leather, heated seats, Bose/CD, garage door opener, autodim mirror.
Edelbrock exhaust, Fastchip upgrade, new fuel injectors, shop manual, new car video for the 1992 cars, new car brochure for the 92 cars, Parts book for  1992. Three keyless remotes, two sets of keys.
 Located in Plano, TX, a suburb of Dallas.  

EMAIL if you have questions or need more info.

I purchased this car three years ago with 63K miles, after careful research. The car is Polo Green exterior, Neutral leather interior. It is the STS, which in 1992 came with the trusty Cadillac 4.9L OHV engine (not the Northstar, which came in 93). I am the third owner, and have all records on the car in the glove box. Car has heated front seats, autodim rear view mirror, keyless remote, and Bose Gold sound system with in dash CD/Tape/radio. The 92 was the first year for this body style, that lasted until 1997, so the car looks newer than it is. 

The car has a custom Edelbrock exhaust, and a Fastchip custom computer chip. I have changed the oil religiously myself, using synthetic Mobil 1 oil and synthetic ATF fluid in the transmission. This is probably one of the quickest 92 STS's on the planet. 

Tires are okay (not great), New tires on front, good tires on rear; AC blows cold, electrics all work, car drives well. Opening price set at more than $2000 under the KBB retail; (you can check that at someone is going to get a great deal here. Car has a clean carfax report. Never wrecked. 

I run a Cadillac enthusiast web site, and have fixed things as they came up with the car; known issues: 

+ wear (small hole) on the driver seat side bolster. . See: for a view of the wear. 
+ small cracks in leather on the center console 
+ some parking lot dings & scrapes. I have the correct Cadillac touch up paint. 
+ struts are not electronic any more; just normal. The car rides well. 
+ The car has 125K miles on it, and has been driven daily. This is not a show car, but looks very good. I consider it to be a reliable car, and would not hesitate to take it cross-country again. Car has always been a Texas car, and is very clean. You can see more photos on the site above. 

Most recent maintenance accomplished: 
+ new fuel injectors 
+ transmission service 
+ driver's side window electric motor replaced 
+ replaced Bose head unit and amps in driver door and left rear shelf. 

Reason for selling: bought a newer 96 STS, can't keep both. These are great cars. We have taken this car cross-country to South Carolina from here in Texas several times on family vacations (leaving the minivan at home!). 

I have several car specific items I will include with the car: Helm shop manual ($100 value), dealer video on the 92 STS, showroom brochure for the 92 model line, touch up paint, and a new keyless remote. 

I have really enjoyed this car, and I hope you do too. 


Bruce's 1992 Cadillac Seville STS Parts/Notes:

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Original Factory Invoice for my STS

Specifications, from 1992 Line Brochure

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