Cadillac Performance Reports
(updated Wednesday, October 16, 2002 )

Check Northstar Mod Summary here

Finally got my MAF from Granatelli. Times improved slightly(.08sec)  I ran a 
Run#1 5.70sec 0-60 13.92 qtr mile @107mph
Mark 99 STS

4/14/2002 Car: 94 sts w/ cone filter & superchips upgrade and dynomax ultra flows and using mobil1 oil.  G-tech pro.
: car running for a while over 200 degs and the dash said outside temp of 80 deg 
Run #1 6.40 sec
Conditions: engine about 180 degs but outside at 90 and it was out in the sun 
Run #2 6.53 sec
Conditions: then with some rev holding the brake 
Run #3 6.33 sec

Luke tested his 94 STS with the G-tech in Sioux Falls, SD.  Temp was 19'F, Baro-30.5",
Humidity was about 70%.  Conditions were slight snow. The car put 266 WHP down at about 130 mph. Test 1: 0-60 ?, 1/4-14.6 @ 100.9mph w/ spinning throughout test. 

99 SLS

Driver:  Robert Lange

Total Weight with Driver:  4180 LBS          Front:  2560 LBS          Rear:  1620 LBS

Fuel:  92 Octane


Removed plastic shielding under airbox and air intake under airbox completely. Removed airbox completely and replaced with 7" long K&N Cone Replaced MAF with Granatelli MAF that has a removed screen and is ported.   3" diameter echaust pipe from the resonator on back, to a 2.5" Y pipe, to dual 2.5" Dynomax Super Turbo Flow Mufflers with Stock tips replaced.  Mobil 1 Synthetic  5W-30 Sunday  4/14/02  3:30 AM

Weather Conditions
Temperature 41 Degrees Humidity 100% Barometric Pressure 30.11  Wind S 6 MPH Dew Point  45

G-Tech Pro Data

1/4 Mile Runs

Run #               0-60               1/4 Mile               Speed MPH

1.                     6.01                14.39                   102.9

2.                     6.08                14.46                   101.8

3.                     6.10                14.53                   100.5

4.                     5.98               14.36                   102.7

5.                     6.11                14.49                   102.1

Front Wheel Horsepower

Run # 1              250

Run # 2              259

3/2002 Dustin: I ran two runs with the STS, just to get the feel of the G-tech.  Conditions were the same as with Rob. Weight was 4088 lbs.  I just punched the car and it ran: 
Run #1: 0-60: 5.63 sec Quarter mile: 14.11 sec @ 105 mph
Run #2: 0-60: ? Quarter mile: 14.03 sec @ 108 mph
One was 294 WHP and 288 WHP for the other, only going up to 100mph.
We are at 1380ft above sea level. Car: 1996 STS. Mods: 10" K&N cylinder, Mobil-1
10W-30 synthetic, Bosch platinum +4 plugs, (I question doing this)-NO MAF with TPS enhancer from Casper Electronics, a 'ported' throttle body (basically making the butterfly thin and the hole larger, but yet it's a different throttle body than it came with and hard to use with the MAF, and the service engine light is on), the heads were polished, but they said it wouldn't do much good without headers and this car doesn't have them, on back the exhaust is the stock, but the 'Y' pipe was expanded from one 2.5" to two 1-7/8" pipes to all 2.5" pipes with the dynomax super turbo mufflers with the 2.5" diameters with stock tips. 

We took the car (96STS) out a bit ago.  Temp is 29'F, wind at 15mph from N (90 angle to car) and
72%Humidity.  I raised the rear tires to 50psi and power braked to 1600rpm's for both runs.  They turned out well, with the traction not turning on during the first run (??). That is alright, but it spun almost on into 2nd gear.
Run #1: 0-60: 5.58  1/4:  13.78 @109.6 (YES!)
Run #2: 0-60: 5.70  1/4:  13.9 @107.8
I have found the power brake helps, but will try more with the mods switched around.  I'm thinking the 0-60 may improve with less wheelspin, so we're lowering the front to 28psi.  I really do think these mods are doing well; at least I'm satisfied with them.  Will do more testing on both cars and get back to you in a bit with Rob's car and mine!  The gas tank is nearly empty with 90 octane fuel.  It is getting some 92 with no ethanol for the next tests!  Later- Dustin & Rob
After fidgeting with the car, we have some times for you!  And I brought the camera to take
pics when the G-tech flashed the times.  Temp-25'F, Wind-15-20 NW (90' angle to car), Humidity-70%, Barometer-30.20".  Elevation-1380 ft above sea level.
With all mods, 92 octane no ethanol gas. Rear tire 50psi, Front tire 28psi.  Power brake to
1700rpm.  Gear Selector left in 1st. 
Run #3  0-60: 5.34 s  1/4:  13.66 @110.2 mph (We were VERY happy with this!)
Run #4  0-60: 5.59 s  1/4:  13.82 @108.6 mph
For the last runs to experiment: Added stock MAF w/ screen and stock T.B. with ppr filter, but removed plastic for open air box, no TPS. 
Run #5  0-60: 6.3  s    1/4:  14.46 @101.6 mph
Add Granatelli MAF (it has no screen) w/ K&N 
Run #6  0-60: 5.9 s     1/4:  13.9 @106.4 mph
The Granatelli is certainly worth gains, as are the throttle body porting, K&N, and possibly the MAF delete.  It shifts harder with the MAF gone, but the service soon light is on.  This cold weather can't hurt anything, either. On to Rob's car.  We'll write back in a bit!  It should be noted the engine does its best when being driven ways with the temp guage at 1/3.  When it gets hot, the times start rising.  Bill said the polished heads help well with the air/fuel flow.  The exhaust mods showed improvements on torque and HP, especially at 3500+RPM's.  I did one more run for fun and it did a 13.8 again.  So the mods to the car should be worth about 1 full second off the 1/4 mile.  I have to get going back to SF, but Luke should have some times for you soon, if not tomorrow granted it doesn't snow more. thanks a lot!  Later- Dustin S
I purchased a TPS enhancer and did runs with and without and difference is not measurable, but I did learn something else. All of my runs previously have been trying to avoid wheel spin as much as possible, but after reading Robs' post on the runs they have been doing. He got the best results just letting the computer take over, so I thought I would give that a try. Ironically my times are better just nailing it and let the computer do its thing. 
Times and conditions as follows:
  All runs with full tank of gas.  4/04/02 Locked in "2nd" Temp.  42F Humidity  - 55%   
1st run -5.78
2nd run--5.74
3rd run  5.76
All with a lot of wheel spin and traction coming on. If I got some decent rubber (currently Goodyear Integrity) I think  times would come down a lot.
Also I forgot to upshift to 3rd and the computer auto shifted even though I was locked in 2nd. Interesting!   Will let you know when I get new MAF installed with updated times. Thanks Mark
NOTES on Wheel Hp versus Crank Hp
A chassis dyno, and meters like the G-tech Pro or AP-22 measure horsepower at the wheels (WHP).  Conventional wisdom for an Automatic Transmission is that around 20% of the power is lost to the transmission and drivetrain.  When Greg Garnes dyno'd his 4L w/4T80e, he got 189/250 hp, for a 24.4% loss.  When Hotrod dyno'd an ETC they got 216/300 hp, for a 28% loss.  So the Cadillac 4T80e probably has 24-28% losses, which is high.  By comparison, a GTP w/4T65e dyno's at 190/240 hp for a 21% loss.
With a 20% loss, a stock 300 hp car should put out around 240 WHP, (and a 275 hp engine 220 WHP).
The bottom line, though, is how much power you have at the wheels.  Power at the crank is both hard to calculate, and does not have much meaning if you do.   I think if we continue to collect performance reports and report WHP we're focused on the right thing.
 93 STS  Dean Logan  11:10 am saturday march 17, 2001
Had STS out this morning. [took wife to work]. Hooked up "G" tech. meter for first time on caddy and made two runs on 137 Ave. before traffic got too heavy. First: 14.93@99.03mph.  Second: 15.01@97mph.  Look forward to more runs under better conditions, looks to me that I should be able to get 14.7 et.   the outside temp. is 0 deg. centigrade.  No cat on car. & K&N.  
Bruce's 1996 STS Performance Best so far: 14.78 ET at 101.4 mph G-Tech Pro
See AP22 review for more info and updates
Bruce's 1992 STS Performance Best so far: 15.57 ET at 93.7 mph G-Tech Pro
Little Mike notes: I have a 94 SLS and there are a few modifications you can perform that I've found to improve performance as well as gas mileage. The first thing was to replace the stock air intake box with a K&N Filter charger.... My car went from 217 HP at the wheels to 231 HP... A gain of 14 HP... Cost- $65 The next modification was to remove my cat-conv... Not really a legal mod. but never the less 6 more HP. Drawback.... Car became noticeably louder. Trick #3... New mufflers from Dynomax...Almost a direct replacement of the stockers... 11 more HP. Drawback... Even louder now and my wife is starting to wonder what the $%^& is going on... I like the sound though. The last Mod was the installation of a chip from Superchips... This shut off my speed governor (115mph) and 20 more HP. The grand total= 268 HP at the wheels and 16.4 avg mpg. WATCH OUT ALL YOU STS IMPALA SS CAMARO SS ....There a new Sheriff in Town and he's driving an SLS not an STS
Motor Trend 7/95 1995 STS 0-60 6.4 sec; quarter mile 14.7@96.9 mph
The Mountain Democrat Online 2001 STS 0-60 in 6.48 sec; top speed limited to 130 mph.
The AutoChannel 1999 STS 0-60 mph in 6.7 sec; one run at 6.21 sec; limited to 150 mph.
XMS 2000 STS Modified for a claimed 365 hp; 0-60 mph in 5.85 sec
Paul Steinmetz 2000 STS 0-60 mph 6.7 sec; limited to 130 mph.

Quarter mile & 0-60 mph Performance Registry

Best Quarter Best
Who/What? Mods?
12.96 sec @ 110 mph on nitrous, 
14.03 @ 103 mph on Engine
  STS Type R
(GM Forums)
Lower profile tires, 225/45 zr 17 which are a little less diameter and help the car off the line a lot faster, it also gets it in its powerband a lot quicker.  Engine rebuilt and bored 30 over, five angle valve job, heads ported and polished. Superchip (obd1 computer). k&n filter in a modified box where it only sucks air from right behind my foglights. Removed catalytic converter and replaced it with a cherry bomb. 2.5 inch piping all the way to the tips with dynomax super turbo mufflers. Generic msd ignition and 8mm wires connected to just plain old ngk copper plugs. this was all tested at the lapeer dragstrip in 75 degree weather, my intake was iced down also as well as having my oil just about an eighth of an inch over the add line. Using a 150 shot kit made by nos. its the gm e.f.i. kit designed for the 3800

13.66 sec @ 110 mph

5.34 sec

 Dustin 96 STS

K&N Cone, no MAF, TPS tuner, Exhaust, ported throttle body, polished heads
  5.39 sec

(GM Forums)
100% humidity

96 Seville SLS 16" Dayton classic 100 wire wheels
RSM 80mm throttle body Intrax Sport Springs
E&G Billet grille Casper Electronics throttle enhancer
MSD DIS-4 ignition and coils Moroso 10mm wires
NGK Iridium IX plugs hi-flow cat, HKS SS Cat back system Rockford Symmetery eq Nakamichi cd700 Focal Utopia subs and mids Focal TLR tweeters Lunar amplification 100+ lbs Dynamat Extream, RSM Racing throttle body, throttle body mount
13.92 sec @ 107 mph 5.70 sec

Mark 99 STS

K&N Cone, Corsa Exhaust
14.26 sec @ 103.1 mph  

97 Eldo

Ravin Mufflers Purple  Eibach lowering springs 1.5" front, 1.0" rear Mille Miglia, ImperaII 18" wheels Potenza S-03 Pole Position Z-rated 245/45/18 K&N air filter N20 Kit from NOS, (some problem with rich fuel on launch yet to be solved)
14.36 sec @  102.7 mph 5.98 sec

Rob 99 SLS

K&N Cone, Granatelli MAF, TPS tuner, Exhaust
14.69 sec @ 97.20 mph  

97 Eldo

Ravin Mufflers Purple Neon underlights Billet Grille
Eibach lowering springs 1.5" front, 1.0" rear Mille Miglia, ImperaII 18" wheels Potenza S-03 Pole Position Z-rated 245/45/18 K&N air filter
14.70 @ 100 mph 6.40 sec

Sachin 97 STS

14.73 @ 93.98 mph  


Synthetic oil, Granatelli MAF
14.78 sec @ 101 mph 6.32 sec

Bruce 96 STS

K&N Panel, no MAF screen
14.93 sec @ 99 mph   Dean  93 STS


15.42 sec @ 98 mph  

Chris 93 Eldo

K&N, Dynomax Ultraflow, but 101F weather
15.57 sec @ 93.7 mph  

Bruce 92 STS

Edelbrock muffler, Fastchip, K&N panel, ignition. 4.9L OHV Engine.


Cadillac Manufacturer's Claims
And Magazine Reports

Year & Vehicle

0-60 mph

Quarter mile ET at Speed

Top Speed



2003 CTS 5spd

7.1 sec

15.5 sec at 93 mph

  220 hp 3,509 lbs 15.9 lb/hp
2003 CTS Auto


    220 hp 3,568 lbs 16.2 lb/hp
2002 STS

6.9 sec

  150 mph 300 hp 4,027 lbs 13.4 lb/hp
2002 Escalade

7.8 sec

16.0 sec at 86 mph

108 mph 345 hp 5,662 lbs 16.4 lb/hp
2001 Catera Sport

8.3 sec

16.5 sec at 83 mph

126 mph 200 hp 3,897 lbs 19.5 lb/hp
2001 DHS

8.0 sec

  112 mph 275 hp    
2001 DTS

7.3 sec

  130 mph 300 hp     
2001 Seville STS

6.7 sec

15.3 sec at 91.8 mph

150 mph 300 hp 4,001 lbs 13.3 lb/hp
2001 Seville SLS

7.7 sec

  112 mph 275 hp 3,970 lbs 14.4 lb/hp
2000 Seville STS

6.8 sec

15.1 sec at 93.2 mph

  300 hp 4,001 lbs 13.3 lb/hp
2000 STSi

6.4 sec

14.8 sec at 94.0 mph

150 mph 350 hp 4,050 lbs 11.6 lb/hp
2000 Deville DTS

6.8 sec

15.1 sec at 93.2 mph

  300 hp 4,047 lbs 13.5 lb/hp
2000 BMW 740i

6.8 sec

  128 mph  282 hp 4,255 lbs 15.1 lb/hp
1998 Seville STS

7.64 sec

15.9 sec at 92 mph

  300 hp 4,001 lbs 13.3 lb/hp
1997 Seville STS       300 hp 3,960 lbs 13.2 lb/hp
1996 Seville STS

7.1 sec

    300 hp 3,869 lbs 12.9 lb/hp
1996 deVille

7.2 sec

15.4 at 90.7 mph

  300 hp 3,981 lbs 13.3 lb/hp
1995 Seville STS       300 hp 3,950 lbs 13.2 lb/hp
1994 Seville STS

7.0 sec

    295 hp 3,893 lbs 13.2 lb/hp
1993 Seville STS       295 hp 3,721 lbs 12.5 lb/hp
The weight for the 93 included the Northstar combo, which is 100 lbs heavier than the 4.9L/4T60e; it should have probably been 3,893 lbs in 1993 for a power/weight ratio of 13.2 lb/hp.
1992 Seville STS 8.2 sec     200 hp 3,721 lbs 18.6 lb/hp
1991 Seville STS 8.5 sec     200 hp 3,565 lbs 17.8 lb/hp

Fuel Economy Reports

Gas Mileage  DaveG  9:38 am monday march 19, 2001
Just returned from a roundtrip from Was., DC to Phila, about 160 miles each way.  92 Seville, 4.9, synthetic oil, 106,000 miles, original plugs/wires etc., 40 degree outside temp.
65 mph up, highway only: 28.2 mpg.  On the way back, I wasn't in a rush, so I cruised 50-55 mph:32.8 mpg!  This was reading from the info center on the dash.

I just read Brendon Bailey's report of 21 mpg on a trip he took. I also have a 99 STS and have just returned from a 2761 mile roundtrip from N. Idaho to Laughlin, NV and back through San Francisco and Bend, Or. The computer tells me I got 25.8 mpg for the total trip. A lot of it was in the 70 - 75 mph range in Nevada. My STS has a K&N air filter and Dynamax
Lee Greer
Lewiston, Idaho