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Replacing the water pump on a Northstar engine / in this case 1996 SLS

by Stefan Knoppe

First of all remove the upper air cleaner casing by releasing the hose clamp at the air intake and pressing the tow plastic tabs at the casing.
Don't forget to unplug the intake temp sensor. Remove the air filter element and lift up and remove the lower air cleaner case half.
Remove coolant reservoir cap.
Drain coolant either by using the drain tap at the radiator or by removing the lower coolant hose.
Remove the water pump belt cover (two nuts and one bolt). Insert a 1/4 size handle of your ratchet into the belt tensioner and release tensioner,
remove the water pump belt.
Remove the lower coolant hose from the water pump housing.
Remove the clamp from the smaller water hose at the rear of the water pump housing.
Remove four water pump housing bolts, remove housing cover, simultanousley work off small water hose at rear.
Place water pump removal tool on pump and turn clockwise about 30 degrees to remove.
Pump may be tight, it may be advisable to use an extension or an air tool.

water pump in removal tool

water pump and removal tool

water pump removed

Clean housing and all mating gasket surfaces.
Install new water pump in housing and turn counter clockwise with water pump tool.
Tighten to 100Nm (73 Lb Ft)  torque.

new water pump installed

Install housing cover with new silicone gasket. Tighten bolts to 10Nm (89 Lb In) torque.
Install and tighten water hoses.

Water pump housing cover

Inspect water pump belt, renew if worn
Inspect belt tensioner for free movement, may be advisable to use a little oil at the hinge ponts.
Inspect water pump belt idler pulley for smooth operation, renew if necessary.
Install water pump belt and water pump belt cover.
Close drain tap / install lower radiator hose.
Fill coolant system with 50/50 mix destilled water and approved coolant. Check for leaks.
Install air cleaner lower case half, ail filter and upper case and install air duct on intake, tighten clamp. Connect air intake sensor.
Warm up engine, check temperature frequently, top off coolant as necessary, fit coolant reservoir cap.
Put cellphone in your pocket and two quarts 50/50 coolant mix in the trunk and drive car, check coolant temparature frequently.
Let engine cool down and recheck coolant, top off as necessary.

Total time if everything goes well: about one hour.

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