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How to change change the transmission fluid on a Northstar equipped Seville, '96 shown in pictures

by Stefan Knoppe

Filter kit part # 24216035 by AC Delco is preferable to aftermarket kits due to superior gasket design. 

Drive car until engine is warm, preferably not too hot.
Clean outside of transmission pan to avoid ingess of dirt.
Place drain pans under transmission.
Loosen some of the drain pan's front screws, pull down on the drain pan, fluid will start to drain.
Wait until fluid flow weakens, then proceed loosening the screws further / more screws, pull down front of pan to increase flow.
Proceed that way until the drain pan is off.

Seville bleeding...

Inspect pan gasket, renew with OEM style. It may be left alone if it was not leaking, but the factory service manual instructs to renew.
Clean inside of pan and magnet, position magnet in the stamped marking.

oil pan

Pull off filter screens from the transmission, in my case they came off easily.
Remove rubber sealing rings from transmission, if they didn't come off with the filter screens.
Place drain pan under transmission, remove side cover drain plug, drain fluid, refit drain plug, tighten to 8 - 14 Nm (6 - 10 Lb Ft).

Drain Plug

Install rubber sealing rings for filter screens into transmission.
Push filter screens into sealing rings, check for correct seating.
Clean pan bolts and holes throughly, compressed air is helpful. Bolts and holes should be oil-free.
Install transmission pan. Tighten bolts per sequence given in three stages (see picture).

Tightening oil pan

Measure amount of fluid drained, fill in the same amount of fresh ATF Dexron III (or what is recommended in you car's manual).
Fill slowly, check fluid level when done. Correct if necessary. Run engine until warmed up, drive car, check fluid level.
Check for leaks.

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