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RearView Mirror Fix

By JohnE

Question mark

The middle rear view mirror thatís attached to the front window with glue fell off my 92 Seville SLS yesterday. I took it to the dealer and they said it would cost $41+ tax to re-glue it, I guess thatís labor costs. They said it happens to a lot of people on all types of cars. Anyway the guy working there was honest with me like all Cadillac sales/service people Iíve run into and he said a glass shop will hook it on for 10 bucks, or you can buy glue and hook it on yourself at an auto parts store. So I went and got some $2 glue at pep boys and glued the thing back on and it looks like new.

What to do: If this happens get a hex wrench and loosen the set screw on the rearview mirror, then slide the metal out that goes up against the front window, after that you can unplug the wire that goes to the light sensor and take the rearview mirror off. You donít want the thing hanging by that wire. I drove about 50 miles with the thing hanging like an idiot fortunately the wire didnít break.

How to fix yourself: You need a hex to unscrew the setscrew, and some special glue.
1) Take the mirror off like I said above.
2) Take a marker/tape/crayon or something and draw on the outside of the windshield where the rearview mirror goes so you know where to glue it on after you clean up the glue on the inside.
3) Scrape the glue off the metal piece that slides out of the rearview mirror and inside of the windshield with a razor blade.
4) Glue the metal piece to the windshield and let it sit about 15 mins, then put the mirror back on.

Comments: The glue is damn strong, put down towels so it doesnít drip on anything youíll never get it off, its like crazy glue, maybe stronger. This fix was damn easy, do it yourself if it happens.


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