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Outside Mirror

By Various

Question mark

Here is the shop manual section on change/diagnosis.  Sounds like the mirror face simply pops out, but you have to handle it very carefully:
Remove or Disconnect:
1. Mirror and plastic backing plate by pulling the assembly out
of the mirror housing
2. Electrical connectors.
3. Actuator shafts snapped into the mirror head backing.
Install or Connect
1. Snap actuator shafts into the power drive unit.
2. Electrical connectors.
3. Rotate actualtor shafts to align ears with the corresponding
slots in the back side of the mirror face.
4. Align the swivel on the power drive unit to the pivot points
on the mirror backing plate.

NOTICE: To avoid damaging electrochromic mirrrors, yellowing and/or silver delamination, pressure must not be applied to the center of the mirror.  Place a 2x3 block of wood in the indicated target area.  This will distribute pressure evenly. [target area appears to be center of mirror, with 3" horizontal, 2" vertical].
Disconnect the left hand (LH) outside mirror connector. Measure the resistence from electrochromic mirror C2 Terminal "4" to LH outside mirror harness connector Terminal "A". Is resistance 5 ohms or less?
Measure resistance from Electrochromic mirror C2 Terminal "5" to
LH outside mirror harness connnector Terminal "B" Is Resistance 5
Ohms or less?
Repair Open in CKT 1690.
Measure Resistance between electrochromic mirror connector C2
Terminal "4" and "5".  Is resistance greater than 5 OHMS?
Repair optn in ckt 1691.
Replace LH outside mirror.
Repair short form ckt 1690 to ckt 1691.

More Info

I followed your directions and removed the mirror.  Unfortunately the cost for the replacement mirror varied depending on the features:

mirror only
mirror / auto dim
mirror / auto dim / heated

The price for the mirror only was expensive enough and did not have any 'bells or whistles' attached. Instead I disassembled the mirror from my car. It is a clam shell design where the trim ring separates from the mirror back to reveal mirror / glass / a copper colored liquid in-between.  I threw away the glass and then cleaned all parts. This got rid of the copper liquid also.  I then used a glue gun the reassemble the complete unit.  Now I have a mirror with the heat option but no longer the auto dim feature.  It tool a bit of time to get it all clean prior to assembly but was worth the effort.  Thanks for the tip on removal from the car in the first place.
Thanks again

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