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Lowering your Cadillac

Question mark

:I was wondering if anyone knows of a way to give the STS the
:lowered or slammed look. Either by actually lowering the car or
:by using a larger diameter wheel. I do not want to sacrafice
:ride but I am trying for the low and wide look. Please let me
:know. Thanks

Go to  they have a spring set which will lower the car 1 inch. Pro-kit spring set part number 3809.140

Pro-Kit...The Look That Performs.

An Eibach Pro-Kit is designed to reduce the fender-well gap by safely lowering your vehicle, giving it a more attractive, sportier stance. The Pro-Kit is the perfect compliment to any vehicle, whether in stock form or fitted with a larger tire and wheel package. The Pro-Kit will set your vehicle off from others,
giving it "The Look" you want."

Try to look at a car with these first -- I saw one that appeared to have been 'lowered' and liked it much less than I expected to.  
good luck,

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