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Cadillac Deville / DTS 2000+ Year to Year Changes

Deville / DTS

New for 2000 Deville / DTS

Blending engineering achievement and sophisticated styling, DeVille has been completely reengineered and redesigned for the 2000 model year. The DeVille has been America’s best selling luxury car for the past 14 years, and the new DeVille has been designed to carry this leadership role into the new millennium.

The 2000 DeVille reflects the bold spirit of great Cadillacs of the past. At the same time, it advances Cadillac’s vision to be a world leader in applying art and science to its products, building on a heritage of design leadership and technological ingenuity that over the years has set Cadillac apart from other luxury carmakers.

The new DeVille is a trimmer, nimbler execution of a spacious luxury sedan. It is 3 inches shorter and 2 inches narrower than the car it replaces, giving it a trimmer, more athletic appearance. But its wheelbase is actually 1.5 inches longer, and its interior space is virtually as roomy as the 1999 model. The 2000 DeVille is still classified as a large car by the EPA.

he 2000 DeVille is available in three models - DeVille, DeVille High Luxury Sedan (DHS) and DeVille Touring Sedan (DTS).

New For 2001 Deville / DTS

  • Infotainment with Bose audio system (option on DHS and DTS)
  • Tire Pressure monitor
  • New services from *
  • Next generation rainsense wiper system
  • Manual trunk release mechanism*
  • New exterior color: Graphite
  • New interior color: Dark Gray
    * Will not be available at start of '01 production
New For 2002 Deville / DTS
  • Advanced Vehicle Navigation system
  • XM Satellite Radio*
  • Revised wreath and crest badging
  • Dual stage air bag inflators
  • Additional power outlet on front passenger seat umbrella tray
  • Exterior color – Blue Onyx
  • Upgraded Radio Data System (RDS) functionality
  • Express-up front windows
  • Factory engine oil fill to GF3 oil specifications
  • Extended oil change interval to 12,500 miles
  • Integration kit for tri-band cellular phone*

*Will not be available at start of 2002 production

New For 2003 Deville / DTS
  • Michelin tires replace Goodyear on DTS model
  • Two new exterior colors
  • Optional XM Satellite Radio
  • Outside rear view mirrors get turn signal indicator
  • DeVille taillamp revised
  • Fixed shoulder-belt tower replaces moveable version
  • Navigation available on base DeVille
  • Tire pressure monitor now standard
New For 2004 Deville / DTS
  • Armored edition in sedan and stretch versions
  • Heated and cooled front seats
  • Heated steering wheel
  • Night Vision now available on base DeVille
  • CD-only radio now standard on base DeVille
  • Three exterior colors: White Lightning, Blue Ice and Light Platinum
  • One interior color: Cashmere
  • Adaptive Seat feature no longer available
  • Manual parking brake release
New For 2005 Deville / DTS
  • OnStar Gen 6 digital hardware with upgraded hands-free capability
  • DeVille Protection Series
  • Three colors: Green Silk, Light Cashmere, Glacier Gold (available after start of production)
New For 2006 DTS
  • Front-wheel-drive large luxury sedan
  • Cadillac-signature exterior styling
  • All-new interior
  • Six standard air bags, including an industry-first dual depth front passenger air bag
  • Northstar 4.6L V-8 engine with two configurations
  • Refined chassis tuning with four-channel StabiliTrak with Brake Assist and Magnetic Ride Control
  • Factory-installed Adaptive Remote Start with personalization
  • In-dash six-CD changer and MP3 player
New For 2007 DTS
  Exterior color (15U) Light Cashmere
  Exterior color (68U) Blue Ice
  Interior color (152/153/154) Shale
  Interior color (332/333/334) Very Dark Cashmere
  (PZ3) 18" machined-finish wheels
New Features  
  Exterior color (14U) Mystic Gray
  Exterior color (51U) Gold Mist
  Exterior color (54U) Cognac Frost. Available at extra charge. Not available at start of production.
  Interior color (395) Cocoa with Cashmere interior accents
  Interior color (405) Cocoa with Shale interior accents
  Interior color (392/393/394) Cashmere
  Interior color (402/403/404) Shale
  All wheel center caps change to full-color Wreath & Crest.
  (P31) 18" chrome wheels now standard on 1SE

New for 2008 DTS
     Exterior color (23U) WA-984L Green Silk
     Exterior color (53U) WA-317N Radiant Bronze
     Exterior color (77U) WA-300M Glacier White
     Exterior color (86U) WA-379E Crimson Pearl
     Exterior color (93U) WA-961L White Lightning

New Features
     Exterior color (98U) WA-800J White Diamond
    Interior color Light Linen with Cocoa interior accents (412/413/414). Not available at start of production. Light Linen will replace Cashmere once Light Linen is available.
     Interior color Light Linen with Cocoa seats (415). Not available at start of production. Light Linen will replace Cashmere once Light Linen is available.
     Tuscany Leather interior available with front 40/20/40 flex seating. Not available with (394) Cashmere interior
     195 Ebony Tehama Leather
     (PLA) Platinum Edition DTS. Not available at start of production.
     All Ebony interiors feature Titanium upper interior color

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