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Disable CCR

Question mark

Passive strut p/n: 22189452 

The Seville has a smart suspension which uses electronically controlled struts to vary the firmness of the ride dependent on vehicle speed and dynamics.  CCR = Command Control Ride as I recall.  A similar system has different names in other years. The error message means that one or more of your strut controllers are not responding properly.  This can be caused by the controller no longer functioning, or the connections between the controller and the CCR module being bad.  Replacing the struts with new electronic struts is about $900 a corner if you can even find them any more.  Cadillac has recently come out with new passive struts (non-electronic) replacements which are considerably cheaper.

Monroe Struts
For anyone owning a 1992 Cadillac Seville with the ever present STRUT problems, you can buy Monroe Passive Struts for $60.00 each plus installation of approx. $100.00 (for four) at a local shop. Part #'s 71854 & 71801. In addition, the car must be realigned after this procedure. I imagine around $50.00. It sure beats Cadillacs estimated $700.00 (per strut) + and labor and alignment.

Gembeau wrote: I have checked with the three sources and none are aware of any passive struts for the '96 Sedan DeVille. 


Bulletin on Disabling Ride Control on More Models


Disable Service CCR System messages  Bruce Nunnally  0:17 am Thursday December 23, 1999
Okay, first of all, don't try this at home;  not for the faint of heart; don't blame me if it breaks; I was not even there at the time.  It is always best to repair the car properly, with new parts, when it breaks.
Also, "Incorrect option information in the IPC may cause many different problems".  And disabling the warning messages obviously does not fix the system; it just disables the warnings.
On the Allante forum ( I saw a message thread which detailed how to disable the "Service CCR System" message (actually the SDD version that they had on the Allante, but similar problem).  Thanks to Russ Peters ( for repeating that message; he thanked who apparently discovered this while trying to turn off the daytime running lights.

Consulting my Helm shop manual (pg 8C1-11 for those of you with the 92 version) I see a similar procedure.  I have tried this, and it appears to work.  The idea is that you tell the computer you don't have Ride Control, so the computer does not complain that the ride control does not work.
Lo and Hi refer to pushing the Lower fan speed or higher fan speed buttons.
0. Turn the ignition switch to battery (on but not start)
1. Enter diagnostic mode by pushing Off and Warmer together
until the instrument lights stop flashing.
After any codes are displayed, step through the queries as
2. CCM? Lo
3. IPC? Hi
4. IPC Data? Lo
5. IPC Inputs? Lo
6. IPC Override? Hi
7. IS00  Lo
8. IS45  Lo
9. 001 IS09 Lo (this may say "129 IS09" if you have the heated windshield option)
10. 008 IS08 This is the value we want to change.  Press the Warmer and Cooler buttons to increase/decrease.  Change this value to 000, which means no CCR.  008 means has Ride Control.  This value is actually a sum of options; 008 is normal for north american cars.  If you have some other number, just subtract 8
from it to turn off the ride control.
11. Press the Econ and the Front Defrost buttons at the same
time and hold until the 000 IS08 flashes.  This takes a few
seconds.  This writes the setting to memory.
12. Turn the ignition switch off.
13. Test drive and see if CCR error message appears.

Normally I get the Service CCR message as soon as I back out of the drive.  During the test tonight I got it right away. After I turned off the CCR system I never got it.  When I turned it back on I got it before I left my block.  I think this change has
disabled the CCR system (which was not working anyway) and the related warning message

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