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How to disable brake to shift message


Question mark

Problem: The service manual indicates 2 ways of turning off the message-

'The 'apply brake to shift message' can be cancelled by pressing the 'off' and 'cooler' buttons simultaneously for 5 seconds. Once the message is cancelled, it can be brought back with the same procedure.'

The other way would be to go thru the cluster diagnostics and subtract a value of -1- from the stored setting for IS09.


Looking again through the archives, I see some discussion on this topic, and Logan mentioned that it could be turned off, but there was not a step by step procedure given that I can find For my 96, you would go to the IPC overrides, to IPS03, Option C, and add 4 to the value there.

The value is a sum of the following possible options:
Premium unleaded only graphic suppression 64
Daytime running lamps 32
Cell Phone installed 16
BTSI Message suppression 4
Options not set 2
"Low Fuel Level" suppression 1

Where I am guessing that the BTSI, Brake Transaxle Shift interlock message is the "Brake to shift" message. I am not clear on why this message is irritating? It seems to just be an information message to me.

NOTICE -- an IP1557 DTC will be set if the shop manual procedures are not followed exactly. An IP1557 is not recoverable, and the IPC will have to be replaced. If, while performing the flowing procedure, (following?) the "OFF" button is pressed and the IPC displays "IPC CLEAR CODES", exit on board diagnostics and start over. This will reset the options back to their original settings and prevent IP1557 from setting. Make changes using the "Cooler" (digital IPC) or "Passenger Cooler" (analog IPC). Store changes press and hold "front defrost" and "auto/econ" (digital IPC) or "Front Defrost" and "a/c" (analog IPC) until the value on the trip odometer flashes once (approximately 5 seconds).

good luck,

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