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1992 STS DTC Codes by System

Question mark

Trouble Codes:

IOxx: IPC System:

IO22 Dimming Potentiometer Problem
IO3X Multiple Data Communication Codes
IO33 Loss of SIR Data Communication
IO34 Loss of PCM Data Communication
IO39 CCR System Problem
IO41 Battery Voltage Low
IO42 Battery Voltage High
IO52 IPC Loss of Memory

EOxx: PCM System:

EO12 No Distributor Signal
EO13 Right Oxygen Sensor Not Ready
EO14 Shorted Coolant Temp Sensor
EO15 Open Coolant Temp Sensor Signal
EO16 Voltage Out of Range [ALL SOL]
EO17 Left Oxygen Sensor not ready
EO19 Shorted Fuel Pump Circuit
EO20 Open Fuel Pump Circuit
EO21 Shorted TPS Signal [VCC]
EO22 Open TPS Signal [VCC]
EO23 EST Signal problem [EGR]
EO24 VSS Signal Problem [C/C, VCC]
EO26 Shorted Throttle Signal Switch
EO27 Open throttle signal switch
EO30 ISC RPM out of range
EO32 Open MAP Sensor Signal
EO34 MAP Sensor Signal Out of Range
EO37 Shorted MAT Sensor Signal
EO38 Open MAT Sensor Signal
EO39 VCC Engagement Problem [VCC]
EO40 Power Steering Pressure Switch
EO41 Cam Sensor Signal Problem
EO42 Left Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean
EO43 Left Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich
EO44 Right Oxygen Sensor Signal Lean
EO45 Right Oxygen Sensor Signal Rich
EO46 Right to Left Bank Fueling Difference
EO47 IPC -- PCM Data Problem
EO48 EGR system Problem
EO51 MEM-CAL Error
EO52 PCM Memory Reset
EO53 Distributor Signal Interrupt
EO55 Closed Throttle Angle Out of Range
EO58 PASSKey Control Problem
EO60 Cruise-Transaxle Not in Drive
EO61 Cruise - Vent Solenoid Problem
EO62 Cruise - Vacuum Solenoid Problem
EO63 Set Vs. Vehicle Speed Difference
EO64 Vehicle Acceleration Too High
EO65 Cruise - S P S Failure
EO66 Cruise - RPM Out of Range
EO67 Cruise - Switch shorted at Enable
EO68 Cruise Command Problem
EO70 Intermittent TPS Signal
EO71 Intermittent MAP Signal
EO73 Intermittent Coolant Sensor Signal
EO74 Intermittent MAT Signal
EO75 Intermittent VSS Signal
EO80 Fuel System Rich
EO85 FIdle Throttle Angle Too High
EO90 VCC Brake Switch Input Problem
EO91 PRNDL Switch Problem
EO92 Heated Windshield Request Problem
EO96 Torque Converter Overstress
EO97 High RPM P/N to D/R Shift
EO98 High RPM P/N to D/R Shift Under ISC
EO00 Cruise Servo Apply Problem

AOxx: HVAC Programmer (ACP) Codes:

AO10 Outside Temperature Sensor Circuit
AO11 Hi-Side Temp Sensor Circuit
AO12 Lo-Side Temp Sensor Circuit
AO13 In-Car Temp Sensor Circuit
AO15 Sunload Sensor Circuit
AO37 Loss of IPC Data
AO40 Air Mix Valve (door) circuit problem
AO46/47 Low refrigerant charge
AO48 Low refrigerant pressure
AO49 HVAC Coolant temp too high
AO52 Keep alive memory error


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