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Cadillac Part Numbers for Odd Parts

  • Back on 4/16 Dennis wrote: This is the replacement strut Part # 22189452,it can be
    obtained from any Delco dist at a discount.  Good luck to all my fellow Seville owners.
     Also, www.gmparts.com was reported to be familiar with the non-electronic replacement parts, so you might call or email them and get more info.  Their addresses/number
    on their website.  I have bought from them in the past and had good luck.
     Another thread mentioned that struts for the same year Trofeo are direct fit replacements also.

  • Retainer - Frt Bpr - p/n 354-3865: the front spoiler (air dam) is made up of two parts. The center piece has slots that fit over the tabs on the top, and tabs that fit into slots on the bottom of the spoiler. These Retainers are the metal clips that go over the plastic tabs in order to make a tight fit. If your spoiler has ever come disconnected, these clips probably came off or were knocked off, and need to be replaced. 5 to a pack.

  •  92 Seville wreath replacement part #  Rob S  12:46 pm Thursday December 2, 1999
    Thanks to Bill from Surburban Cadillac in Troy, Michigan. Bill
    was the helpful parts guy that helped us on this one.

    Replacement wreath for the 92 Cadillac Seville without replacing
    your entire grill. Part #3542782 cost $19.17

    This will be a sticky back emblem used on the 97 Eldos.
    The sticky back ok for a short while, but I used Liquid Nails
    for a secure hold.

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