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Northstar Headbolts

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Problems with Northstar Head Bolts Pulling

Something to consider for the Northstar engine that is overheating: Some Northstar engines are experiencing head bolts pulling threads loose. This can cause the engine to leak coolant when hot, or to leak coolant only when first started. Occasionally the problem will be severe enough that water will run down the side of the engine.
Time Serts are the solution. A time sert is threaded bushing used for repairing ripped or damaged threads. This requires the engine out, heads off. Be sure to do all cylinders at once -- don't let the dealer just do one. Chrfab offers these online.

This is a well understood problem, and the Cadillac dealers are getting quite a bit of experience in dealing with it.

To test for the problem, do a block check (block check kit at NAPA) chemical test on the coolant recovery bottle

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