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Cadillac Northstar Engine Replacement

How much does a Northstar Engine Cost?


 new engine  John  5:01 am saturday august 19, 2000
Well with "only" 75,000 miles on my 94 STS my engine died and I
bit the bullet and replaced it. I'd like to post what I paid and
get some opinions if this sounds about right from others here:

parts -- $6,366.38
labor -- $2,040.
tax -- $693.58
Total -- $9,099.91

Here's a breakdown from the bill:
Engine NEW -- $5,748.40
Engine strut -- 48.50
Engine strut -- $48.50
Mount -- $79.25
Radiator hose -- $21.05
Radiator hose -- 27.25
brake pads rear -- $57.14
Spark plug wire set -- $136.31
Antifreeze -- $22.50
Gasket set -- $139.18
Small parts and chem -- $38.00
Remove and replace new engine assy -- $2,040.

And to top this off yesterday when I first picked up the car I
noticed that the engine temp would operate in the normal range
212 to 216 when on the HIGHWAY.  As soon as I exited the highway
and came to a traffic light the temp would climb to 230-234
after a few minutes! (this in 60 degree CLOUDY weather) After
this happening a few more times I brought the car back to the
service place. At first they said this is normal for the car. I
said baloney since the previous engine never operated this way.
So they proceeded to remove the antifreeze and replaced the
thermostat. This went on for a few hours (removing and replacing
the thermostat and coolant) until finally they put back the
original thermostat and the car "seems" to run cooler but when I
got in traffic it went back to 234 on the temp! He said he put
in a call to Cadillac about the problem. Said that being a new
engine things are tighter in there and it probably would run
hotter until things "broke in". Does this make any sense? I'm
going to change the oil today to Mobil 1 syn and see if that
helps. Oh the warranty is 3 years/50K miles.

Any info appreciated,


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