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Cadillac Idle Learn Procedure

Idle Learn Procedure

  • The TP sensor/IDLE LEARN should be preformed when-

  • TP is replaced

  • throttle body replaced

  • PCM replaced

  • battery disconnected or replaced

  • PCM code 52

  • IAC adjusted

  • TP sensor adjustment has been preformed
    min idle speed adjust procedure has been preformed

    1-outside temp is 50 degrees or greater
    2-start engine and idle 13 min
    3-at end of 13 min- enter diagnostics (engine running)
    4-turn engine off
    5-wait min of 20 sec
    6-turn ign on (engine off)
    7-enter diagnostics
    8-turn ign off
    9-wait min of 20 seconds
    10-turn ign on (engine off)
    11-enter diagnostics
    12-turn ign off
    13-wait min of 20 seconds
    14-start engine
    15- appy brakes and shift into 'drive'
    16- turn the ccp 'off' and allow engine yo idle 1 minute
    17- turn the ccp to 'auto' make sure AC comp engages- idle for 1
    18- put car in park and turn ign off


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