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Cadillac Sealant FAQ

The GM coolant supplement pellets are made by the same company that markets the BarsLeak brand.  The powdered BarsLeak gold is the same as the GM supplement.   The BarsLeak in the jar with the brown liquid has the same material for sealant as the GM supplement but includes the soluable oil (brown liquid) to make it easier to pour in.

The water pump does not need any sort of lubricant....

There are other sorts of sealers and brands on the market.  I personally only recommend the conventional BarsLeak, BarsLeak Gold or the GM coolant supplement based on the extremely successful testing I have done in the past with those products. 

The ingredient in the coolant supplement is ground up ginger root and walnut shells.  The fibers in the ginger root mat in a leak and swell when exposed to the air on the other side of the leak to seal it.  The other sealers that use metallic components (
such as BarsLeak Liquid Aluminum or the Solder Seal sealant) are definitely NOT recommended.  The GM sealant and/or the BarsLeak brand is better because of the ability of the sealant to seal any coolant seepages without doing any other harm to the system.  The main focus of the recommendation to use the supplement is to
protect against any internal seepages that would put coolant into the oil and be invisible otherwise.  The ground up ginger root has proven to be one of the best imaginable cooling system sealers through the process of elimination.  It just works better
than anything else currently known and is basically harmless to the cooling system otherwise.

The use of cooling system sealers is widespread in the automotive industry and elsewhere.  Most makers install the supplement at the factory.  I have been told by reputable sources that even the cooling systems in nuclear submarines use the same "coolant supplement"

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