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Cadillac Oil Consumption Fix

New Oil Consumption Fix    

The information in the article applies only to the 1996-1999 Cadillac DeVille, Eldorado and Seville.

One of the major reasons for oil consumption is combustion deposits that build up on the pistons and rings and cause them to stick in the piston. Stuck rings cannot effectively wipe the oil off the cylinder walls, and the oil will burn in the combustion process.

To deal with an oil consumption condition, begin by following the guidelines in bulletin 01-06-01-011:
- verify general oil consumption concern
- repair oil leaks
- verify that no specific cylinder(s) is burning oil as defined by
oil on the back side of the intake valves or oil on the spark plug.

Then, if necessary perform a new ring-cleaning procedure. The bulletin for this procedure is expected in February. Technical Assistance has a faxable version of the cleaning procedure that can
be sent out until the bulletin is available.

You will also need the J-45076 induction/evacuation tool, which is available from Kent-Moore.

TIP: This cleaning process is not approved for any other repairs on any other engine families at this time.

TIP: Do not confuse this cleaning process with a repair for the cold start knock noise that some 2000-01 Northstar engines experience. While the new ring-cleaning procedure will also clean the combustion camber deposits, Top Engine cleaner is just as effective for knock
concerns. Follow bulletin 99-06-01-101A for the cold start knock condition.

The multi-step procedure is detailed in the upcoming bulletin. Briefly; you will use the components in the J-45076 tool kit to install Piston and Ring Cleaner 12378549 (88901334 in Canada) through
the spark plug holes into warm cylinders. After a 2-hour soak, you will vacuum the cleaner from the engine and change the oil. Then you will apply Induction Cleaner 12378552 (88901336 in Canada) to the EGR and throttle body using components of the J-45076 tool kit.

Finally you will road test the vehicle for 20 minutes, then change the engine oil again, replace the oil filter and reset the oil life system.

After the ring cleaning process is complete, perform a post oil consumption test. When an oil consumption test is performed, it is critical that the crankcase not be over-filled. Extra oil will be
scavenged out of the crankcase in a short amount of time, giving the impression of a false oil consumption concern.

The crank case capacity of 4.6 L engines for the models years listed is 7-1/2 quarts (7.1L) with a filter change.

An engineering team is studying the other cause of oil consumption on this engine. As recommendations from this group become available, the information will be made available.

The labor operation for this process is J1952 and it provides 3.2 hours. Do not try to short-cut the process. If the cleaning is not done properly, the vehicle may not be repaired.
[end article]

The bulletin they talk about being released in February still hasn't been released from TAC: #A001846D Supplement to 01-06-01-011 4.6L LD8 , L37 ENGINE OIL CONSUMPTION - CYLINDER DIAGNOSIS DTC GUIDE INTAKE LEAK MISFIRE MPG PISTON PLUG A001846D SUPERSEDES A001846C A001846B A001846A A001846.

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