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Cadillac How to Flush the Radiator

re: how do i flush out the anti freeze 11:11 am thursday january 10, 2002
Look at the radiator...on the bottom of the end tank there should be a drain fitting, plug, petcock or some means of draining the radiator/cooling system. If you have to, you can just take the lower radiator hose off by loosening the clamp and let it drain that way.

Don't worry about flushing or getting ALL the old coolant....just drain what you can and refill with fresh 50/50 coolant/distilled water. Do this regularly ( every year...) and you will be fine. If it hasn't been done in a ling time you might want to drain and refill several times running the engine briefly between drains.

The coolant supplement pellets are recommended for all 4.1/4.5/4.9 and Northstar aluminum engines....no exceptions.

:thanks so much for the info everybody, how do i now go and get
:out all the old fluid. in addition do i need those pellets i
:read so much about. thanks allen

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