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Cadillac Check oil won't reset

Check Oil Level with Full Oil?
(Or Check Oil Level won't reset)

 Check Oil Level with full oil  Bruce Nunnally  0:17 am saturday march 23, 2002
This from a GM Tech Note.  Sounds odd, as one might expect the
oil level monitor to automatically reset:

Cadillac DeVille, Seville and Eldorado for the 2000 model
year have an oil level monitor on the 4.6L engine. A Check
Oil Level message appears on the instrument panel when
the oil level is approximately one quart low. Bringing the oil
level to the full mark on the dipstick will not turn the message
off; it must be done manually. Here’s how.
Before the message can be reset, the oil level monitor
must see a coolant temperature drop of 10°C (18°F). This
may require allowing the vehicle to sit for up to 2 hours to
allow the coolant temperature to drop. Coolant temperature
can be confirmed with a scan tool.
After the cooldown period, turn the ignition ON for at
least one second, but do not crank the engine. Turn the ignition
OFF and remove the key from the lock cylinder.
Reinstall the key and start the engine. Confirm that the oil
level message is no longer displayed.
This information will be included in future owner’s manuals.

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