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Cadillac Oil Consumption Diagnosis

GM Document ID# 160837  

Oil Consumption Diagnosis

An engine that has excessive oil consumption uses 1.9L (2 qts) of oil, or more, within 3200 km (2,000 mi). The following conditions are indications of excessive oil consumption:

  • Improperly read oil level indicator (dipstick)
    • Check the oil while the car is standing on a level surface.
    • Allow adequate drain-down time.
  • Improper oil viscosity
    • Use the recommended SAE viscosity for prevailing temperatures.
    • Refer to Maintenance and Lubrication or the vehicle owner's manual for the proper oil viscosity specifications.
  • Continuous high-speed driving
  • Severe hauling, such as a trailer, causing decreased oil mileage
  • Malfunctioning crankcase ventilation system
  • External oil leaks
    • Tighten the bolts, as necessary.
    • Replace the gaskets and seals, as necessary.
  • Worn or omitted valve guides and/or valve stem seals
    • Replace the valve stem seals.
    • If the valve guides are worn, replace the cylinder head.
  • Broken, improperly installed, worn or unseated piston rings.
  • Piston improperly installed or improperly fitted.
  • Plugged cylinder head gasket oil drain holes

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