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Cadillac Case Half Oil Leak

Case Half Seal Fix
by Ian

Here are some pictures touching on some basic points of the repair along the way.

First one: Just a view of the engine holding device that we use to support the engine while the subframe and trans are removed.

Engine in car
This view is of the subframe ready to come out, it is suspended at the moment by the two ball joints...just waiting for a fellow tech to give me a hand with it.

In this picture, the subframe is out, trans jack is under the trans, steering rack and lines have been wired up out of the way (on this particular model, you don't have to break the power steering lines which is nice, saves time and mess) and the axle shaft have been disconnected from the trans.

Transmission is out, engine is hanging all by it's lonesome self. You can see the exhaust crossover pipe that goes right under the back of the oil pan here.

Here the oil pan and case half have been removed. You should be able to see the groove in the block that the seal sits in.

The infamous lower case half.

Oil manifold/oil pan side of the case half (read...bottom)

New seal and anaerobic sealant in place. The rags are to control oil dripping from the drain back passages in the block. You can see them along the outside of the block.

Case half up in place held on by the eight perimeter bolts at this stage.

Oil manifold plate up in place next.

Baffle, oil pickup screen, and the 20 main bearing bolts up into place.

Rear main seal...first design on right, second design on left.

Special tool to install the second design seal.

And there she be!

Done...well, not quite, but getting there.
And that's about it...another case half down the road.

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