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Cadillac Car won't start, Volts Good

 No-start encore  Bruce Nunnally  10:54 am sunday august 5, 2001
Was heading out to do my "measured hp in the street" analysis (see web2.airmail.net/nunnally/sts/northstarpeakhp.htm) but when I got to the garage, the STS would not start. 

Attentive readers will recall this is the third time for this car trick.  First time dealer diagnosed as bad battery.  Second time after being towed in, dealer diagnosed as "loose battery connection" (after I had personally tightened at home as part of
trying to get it to start).
1) battery showed 11.8V on dash
2) jump start had no effect
3) lights bright when on (dark in garage)
4) starter did not engage -- no activity at all.

Tried disconnecting and reconnecting both posts on battery to ensure that was not the issue.  No difference.

Saturday, so dealer closed.

Went in and studied the shop manual section on battery/starting to determine what to check next.  Largest box in the diagram is the PRND32 switch (gear selector).  Went back out, turned the key to 'on', pulled the car into gear and back to park, and it started right up.  Ta-da.
Added lazy PRND32 switch to my dealer list for Monday, along with fuel sensor.  The car reads a steady 1/8 optimistic, which can leave you stranded with the indicator on 1/8 in my experience (luckily 1 block from home at the time).
96 STS

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