Scan E3B – new plugs, no TMA

Today I completed the sparkplug change, and ran a quick scan to see if the plugs were in correctly, and all of the boost system was put back together. I had revented the charge cooler yesterday.

Scan E3B Torque Plot

Overall lots of good things here. The ATS-V started, and is making boost. No misfires during the WOT run (!), minimal KR, no torque management advance.

I am running a bit rich on bank 1 which I suspect is a result of previous misfires by plug 3. I am hoping that after the LTFTs relearn that will settle out.

What I learned on the spark plug change: plan for it to take as long as it takes. It is a marathon of moving the charge pipes and multiple vacuum hookups out of the way in order to reach the coil packs and plugs.

The coil pack connectors are a special pain — they have a locking clip that needs to be pulled back, then the tab-like section just behind the clip gets pushed down, then you can pull the connector off. However, the connector has a seal which makes pulling it off difficult. Try to practice on one that is easier to reach (in my case 6 in the back of passenger side was easiest to reach) so you know what to expect from the others. If like mine yours have not been off since it left the factory, plan extra time just to get the coil pack connectors off.

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