Continued Torque Management Advance, Spark plugs and Charge Cooler

Today’s scan showed torque management advance on both runs despite the changes in the tune to try to address it. I also have some misfires on cylinder 3, and the Manifold air temperature is not steadily dropping during WOT.

The misfires mean it is time to change the sparkplugs, regapping to a smaller gap due to the increased boost. The ATS-V LF4 is quite busy on top, so I will need to remove several things to get to the on-plug coil packs and plugs, but hopefully I can get that done soon.

The MAT trend means the charge cooler wants to be bled/vented again. I did that this morning, but will revisit a couple of times to try to ensure all the air in the system is replaced by new Dexcool coolant. I am surprised it needed doing again so soon, but I suspect in the heat the system expands and gulps in air now and then.

The continued TMA means that the changes in the tune for today were not successful, and back to the drawing board to try to sort out why I am getting TMA there, or simply table it for now. As I like to say, it bears more study. I plan to revert to the prior tune since today’s changes were not successful in addressing the TMA.

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