Cadillac ATS-V LF4 HP Tuners

I did an initial read on my 2016 Cadillac ATS-V Coupe with HP Tuners. I asked it to read the ECM, TCM, and CCM.

Although the ATS-V was hot from running errands and sitting, I then ran a driving log file to see how it is doing.

I had not used my Hptuners in an extended period, so the interface needed to update, then I had to get the new MPVI application key to get it to read the car at all.

[The image files are small; right-click and choose ‘show in new tab’ to see full size]

Max observed stock Turbo Psi

The ATS-V is showing a max boost, measured as Manifold Absolute Pressure (MAP) – Barometric pressure, of 15.02 psi. The Boost / Vacuum signal at that point was 15.9 psi. I am unclear why these two values are not the same, although it may reflect the amount of vacuum at the intake of the turbos at that moment. The LF4 has an advertised max turbo pressure of 18 psi, so after the intercoolers lose 2-3 psi one might expect 15-16 psi as observed.

Around 2 degrees of KR at higher RPM needs more fuel or less spark

I see I have 1-2 degrees of knock retard at high pressure / high RPM. I believe the engine would prefer to be a bit richer there or perhaps back down some spark. I see the commanded spark ramps up there.

The ATS-V has an IAT1, which appears to be an average of intake temps at the MAFs? and IAT2 which is after the intercooler. Then Manifold Air Temp is air inside the intake manifold. (Please correct me if I am wrong). As I drive along the IATs and the MAT all fall, as cool air get into the system. Odd to see MAT go DOWN as the car accelerates, but good sign that the intercooled air is lower than the manifold wall temps.

Overall glad I got everything to work, and lots of things to study.

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