If the Cadillac ATS can’t be called ATS what would you name her?

Cadillac has consistently said that the upcoming smaller-than-a-CTS 3-series competitor may not be named ATS.  Everyone has been referring to it as the code-name ATS, which has been working, but it turns out that the name ATS may not be available.  So what should Cadillac name the new model?

ATS didn’t make perfect sense anyway, since the new car will not really be an “A” size micro sub-compact, but rather an economy size touring model.

Among Cadillac names, Lasalle was the ‘smaller’ Cadillac.  Lasalle actually was a companion marque, as opposed to a model.  Earlier, Cadillac almost used Lasalle as the name for the Seville when it came as a separate model, but settled on Seville as more fitting.  With 3-letter nomenclature that would make the nee-ATS an LTS (Lasalle Touring Sedan)?  I’m not a fan of the 3-letter names anyway.

My favorite name to bring back for the Cadillac ATS would be the “60 Special”.  I find that name very evocative and intriguing.    The car badges could just show “60S”.  I like the look of the “Sixty” script too though.

What do you think?  If the new Cadillac ATS can’t be called ATS what would you call her?


Cool air and fun Cadillac songs: Cadillac Grandma @phoebeblume

Temperatures in Texas dropped into the sixties in the mornings. Actually getting some open sunroof time and great driving weather for making hp.

Here’s a song by Phoebe Blume called Cadillac Grandma that celebrates a 500 cubic inch Cadillac and her Owner.

I won’t try to categorize the genre for this piece, but stay with it until it gets rolling…

Here’s a subset of the lyrics:

She knows she’s had her fun and her youth has passed
But she can almost re-live it when she punches the gas
Her heart speeds up when she punches the gas
Her heart starts racing when she punches the gas
Punch it, Grandma, FAST!

Sorry for our IPAD readers, the gadgets on reverbnation are flash-only.

Let me know your favorite Cadillac related song!

Cadillac Dec Sales Cap Successful 2010

Cadillac CTS and SRX sales each exceeded 5K units in December, an excellent result for Cadillac.  In fact, the SRX almost surpassed 6K sales, at 5,865 lucky new Owners in December.  Overall Cadillac sales were up 13% for the month and 34.7% for the year with over 146K Cadillacs sold in 2010.

Dec Dec

2010 2009 % Chg % Chg

Sales Days: 27 28 Volume Per S/D YTD 2010 YTD 2009 % Chg
CTS 5,171 4,180 23.7 28.3 45,656 38,817 17.6
DTS 1,538 1,901 -19.1 -16.1 18,640 17,330 7.6
Escalade 2,286 2,137 7 10.9 16,118 16,873 -4.5
Escalade ESV 1,262 875 44.2 49.6 8,674 6,588 31.7
Escalade EXT 266 263 1.1 4.9 2,082 2,423 -14.1
SRX 5,865 4,986 17.6 22 51,094 20,237 152.5
STS 329 360 -8.6 -5.2 4,473 6,037 -25.9
XLR 1 43 -97.7 -97.6 188 787 -76.1
Cadillac Total 16,718 14,745 13.4 17.6 146,925 109,092 34.7

Press Release Summary:

  • Cadillac: Cadillac, the fastest-growing luxury brand in the United States, reported total sales of 16,718 for December – 13 percent higher than last December, with retail sales increasing 28 percent. December was the eleventh consecutive month of year-over-year total and retail sales gains. SRX retail sales were up 16 percent compared to a year ago and had its best month ever. CTS retail sales rose 70 percent, driven by strong demand for the all-new CTS Coupe. The Escalade family had its best retail month since December 2008, up 30 percent versus a year ago.  Total sales for Cadillac are up 35 percent for the year.