Re-test of K&N filter on Spectre CAI with Virtual Dyno

This morning I ran some cold comparison tests for the K&N Filter in the Spectre CAI.

I changed my test method for these runs — same test route, but instead of starting from a stop, I started from a roll with the transmission manually selected to 2nd gear.  My thinking was that this would be less stress on the tires/drivetrain, and give better low rpm torque readings.

kn 2013-05-24 three run comparison cold locked 2nd pulls

The results are not what I expected.  We were looking for 376-380 whp so that part seems in range, with one runs at 384-388 whp.  The one run at 350 whp is odd.  The torque readings in general don’t seem to take the form one would expect.

kn 2013-05-24 hptuners

On the ‘green’ run in Virtual Dyno, I didn’t flip the transmission to auto-shift, so it redlined in 2nd gear getting to 6700+ rpm where the fuel cutoff is set.

Here is a similar graph with a previous 2nd gear sliced out of a 0-60 run compared with one of the runs from today:

kn 2013-05-24 cold to cold comparison

Red is today’s test; blue is a recent test in cool air with the Spectre filter in.  Today’s run appears to show much higher low end torque, and lower high end HP peak.

Next I will take the K&N filter off, check the installation, and re-install to see if there is something physical I am missing here.  Then I will re-oil the now cleaned Spectre and re-install it for testing.

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  1. how u doing i have a 1999 cadillac deville and just yesterday my dash lights went out,but the my side lights are on which tells me how cold and hot it is outside,but lights in the middle don’t work which tells me how fast im going and how much fuel is in the car,but today it came on and went back out.can u help me

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